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Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold (Long Beach)

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  • 11759 Carson St Lakewood, CA 90715
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Top Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond Buyers in Lakewood, CA

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold provides our clients incredible service. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold = excellence in the Gold trade industry in Lakewood and Southern California. Gold buyer in Lakewood offering the most cash for your gold. The whole process is always done in front of you, from start to finish so we guarantee that you will get the most cash.

Cash for Gold and Pawn in Lakewood, CA

There are several places that offer cash for Gold in Lakewood, CA but when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will find out that you will get the most cash for your gold in Lakewood. We constantly update our buying prices to keep up with the dynamic pricing of gold in the market and when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will get the most cash for gold! You come in to our store with gold, you get out with the most cash. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold is a trusted gold buyer.

Gold Dealer In Lakewood, CA

We are Gold Coins and Silver Coins Dealer in Lakewood, Ca. Gold coins, Silver coins, platinum coins of any kind like US Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, Krugerrands and US Platinum Eagles, to name a few are the ones that you can get the best deal when you decide to sell them to us.sell-jewelry-gold-price

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11759 Carson St,

Lakewood, Ca 90715   

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At Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold we pay the highest for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds. Come in for a Free Appraisal.

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold buys and Pawns Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds in any condition or variety.  You will be surprised how high Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold pays out compared to our competitors. Sell or pawn your items to us and you will have CASH IN HAND, NOT A CHECK! In the end, rest assured that you will be receiving the highest cash for your items from us.

It’s more convenient than ever to sell unwanted gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in Lakewood.

Cash for Gold Lakewood

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