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Sell Diamonds in Long Beach, CA
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You have diamonds that you want to sell your diamonds in Long Beach, and you’re looking for a reputable dealer that will give you the best price for your diamonds.
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Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold

If you have a diamond that you are interested in selling, you have found the right place! Dan Goldman’s Cash for Diamonds is the diamond buyer in Long Beach and always looking to purchase new quality items. We will guide you through the process of selling your diamonds and make sure you are happy every step of the way.

We deal with a great market of buyers sellers to ensure you get top prices to sell diamonds. As prominent diamond dealers and diamond buyers we pay top dollar on quality diamonds and jewelry.

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Diamonds offers great service. We are one of the top diamond buyer located in Long Beach, Ca. Honest appraisals, quick turnaround time, and top dollar prices get your diamond sold at a fair price. When you need to sell diamonds, we are defiantly the best option.

Top Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond Buyers in Long Beach, CA
Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold provides our clients incredible service. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold = excellence in the Gold trade industry in Long Beach and Southern California. Gold buyer in Long Beach offering the most cash for your gold. The whole process is always done in front of you, from start to finish so we guarantee that you will get the most cash.

Cash for Gold and Pawn in Long Beach, CA

There are several places that offer cash for Gold in Long Beach, CA but when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will find out that you will get the most cash for your gold in Long Beach. We constantly update our buying prices to keep up with the dynamic pricing of gold in the market and when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will get the most cash for gold! You come in to our store with gold, you get out with the most cash. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold is a trusted gold buyer.

Gold Dealer In Long Beach, CA

We are Gold Coins and Silver Coins Dealer in Long Beach, Ca. Gold coins, Silver coins, platinum coins of any kind like US Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, Krugerrands and US Platinum Eagles, to name a few are the ones that you can get the best deal when you decide to sell them to us.

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