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Sell Gold Jewelry – Fullerton California


Price of Gold. Spot Gold Price Fullerton, California  

Cash for Gold Fullerton, CA 92832

Selling Gold by Fullerton has never been easier . Today’s spot Gold Price is up. We buy Gold and pay the highest. Sell jewelry today and get paid cash not check. Get up t o 50% more than a pawn shop.
Best Gold Buyer Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold. There are several places that offer cash for Gold near Fullerton, CA but when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will find out that you will get the most cash for your gold by Fullerton.
We constantly update our buying prices to keep up with the dynamic pricing of gold in the market and when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will get the most cash for gold! You come in to our store with gold, you get out with the most cash. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold is a trusted gold buyer.

Jewelry Buyer,

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Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold



We pay Top Dollar for your GOLD, SILVER and DIAMONDS.

See our special offers.

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Top Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond Buyers near Fullerton, CA 92831

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold provides our clients incredible service. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold = excellence in the Gold trade industry by Fullerton and Southern California. Gold buyer near Fullerton offering the most cash for your gold. The whole process is always done in front of you, from start to finish so we guarantee that you will get the most cash.


From Our Business

At Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold we pay the highest for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds. Come in for a Free Appraisal.

What We Buy at Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold

Dan Goldman's Cash for Gold

Gold Dealer In Fullerton, CA 92833

Best Gold Coin and Silver Coin Dealer in Fullerton, Ca. Gold coins, Silver coins, platinum coins of any kind like US Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, Krugerrands and US Platinum Eagles, to name a few. We pay the cash for your coins guaranteed. You can get the best deal, when you decide to sell them to us.

What Kind Of Gold Are You Trying To Sell?

There are many different kinds of gold that you can sell, but most fall into two general categories: gold bullion or scrap gold. Gold jewelry, dental gold, electronic scrap, or anything that needs to be smelted down, falls under the latter category. Gold bars and gold coins would all fall under the first category.

Scrap gold can be a bit harder to sell than gold coins and bars for several different reasons, but with the right gold buying company, you can get a great deal of cash very quickly. Many online companies seemingly sprang up overnight, offering to buy your gold if you mail it to them.  Some companies are legitimate, but not all of them. Our store is already established as one of the top cash for gold buyers in the Fullerton area. We’ve built a reputation as being honest, fair, and we guarantee the highest price for your scrap gold and silver. You can walk into our store, and within minutes walk out with instant cash.
Although many people will tell you to hold onto your gold as an investment, no one can know for certain where the price of gold will go in the future. With gold prices near record highs again, now is a prime time to get the cash you need.
Shopping the Best Gold Buyer
We realize you have a lot of options when selling your gold and silver. Don’t waste time or energy taking your items all over town; we guarantee you the best offer the first time.
If, by chance, another cash for gold store or online company manages to offer you more for your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, we’ll match their written offer and give you an additional 10% up to 100 dollars just for coming back to see us. No excuses!
Should you have any questions, please contact our gold buyers near Fullerton, and we’ll help you get the best cash solution for your gold. You can also complete our online request form and we’ll get back to you promptly with the answers you need.
At Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold Fullerton we stake our reputation on being the best – you can take our guarantee to the bank!


Cash For Gold Fullerton, CA 92834

We offer the most cash in Fullerton to consumers who are looking to sell unwanted gold, silver or platinum items such as used or broken jewelry, gold bars, gold solder, ingots, links, nuggets, shot, gold or platinum or anything else containing gold.

Many people in Fullerton have opted to get cash for gold for their broken or unwanted jewelry. Getting cash for gold is a great way to make extra cash from gold jewelry that simply sits in a jewelry box unused. For those who need extra money, using a cash for gold Fullerton service is the best way to do this without having to sell items that they use.

When looking for a place that offers cash for gold Fullerton services, a person should first check their credentials. They will only want to deal with places that have a high reputation with those who wish to sell their gold to cash for gold Fullerton companies. When trying to sell their old, unwanted or even broken jewelry, it is best to find the highest paying cash for gold Fullerton service. This will ensure that a person gets the most money that they can get, getting close to the value of the gold that they have to sell.
The latest economic struggles, along with the record high prices for gold, silver and platinum have dramatically increased the number of people who are looking to selling their unwanted or broken gold silver or platinum jewelry. You now have the best opportunity in decades to get paid the most for items like gold watches, broken gold, gold jewelry, gold coins and scrap gold items. Things that you think have no value or are  just sitting around stuffed in a jewelry box, might very well provide you with much needed cash during the current economic downturn. Your items are in demand from a gold buyer of who buys cash for gold in Fullerton.
Using cash for gold Fullerton companies can help people get the money they need right when they need it. By finding a reputable cash for gold Fullerton service, a person can receive the highest amount of money on the same day for any of their needs. Using cash for gold Fullerton companies is a great way to get money for an unexpected bill or expense. Using a cash for gold Fullerton service is one of the easiest ways for a person to make money to cover their unexpected expenses or even just to have extra spending money from items that they do not use.

Best Gold Buyer by Fullerton, CA 92835

As premier buyers of gold, silver and platinum scrap metals, Dan Goldman’s CASH for GOLD

our mission is to make sure you get the most cash out of your gold as possible.

If you are in Southern California area, you can come by our stores and assay your gold

with a state-of-the-art x-ray machine, so we can determine the exact weight and carat of your gold.

This allows us to give you the most accurate amount of cash for your gold, silver and platinum and

gives you an understanding of what you are selling. We also welcome customers selling unwanted

or broken jewelry for cash from Fullerton and other areas around the country.

“State-of-the-art x-ray gold testing machine”

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold

Sell Gold Fullerton • Cash for Gold • Pawn Shop

Gold Buyers Fullerton 92836

Sometimes you find yourself in need of  cash now. Well, if that has happened to you, then you need look no further than our gold buyers Fullerton office. Our gold buyers Fullerton office is the place to turn to when you need fast cash now. Our gold buyers near Fullerton office will purchase all your scrap gold and send you cash fast so that you can pay that mortgage bill or utility bill that you’ve been worried.
Our gold buyers Fullerton office pays top dollar for all your scrap gold. Our gold buyers Fullerton office always gives you fair prices for your gold. Our gold buyers Fullerton office appraises your gold, lets you know the estimate for it and then once you agree to the terms, you get paid cash for your unused and unwanted gold. It’s as simple as that!
We pay the most for your gold and we are proud to boast thousands of satisfied customers. Here at our gold buyers Fullerton office we always treat our customers fairly and with respect. We pay much more for your gold than a pawn shop would. Plus, we make the process simple and easy.
All you have to do is gather together your scrap gold. Think of how much scrap gold you have lying around your house that you don’t ever use. You don’t need it accumulating dust and just adding clutter to your home. Here at our gold buyers Fullerton office, we would be more than happy to take that burden off your hands and pay you handsomely for it. Once you’ve gathered together your scrap gold, bring it to one of our convenient and secure locations. We’ll appraise your gold and give you the appraisal total for all your gold. Then we’ll  pay you cash your check and viola! You have the money you need to pay your debts.
Perhaps you’re not pressed for money but you simply want to get your scrap gold off your hands. Our gold buyers Fullerton office will be more than happy to do that for. We specialize in buying gold here at our gold buyers Fullerton office, and we’ll always give you a fair price for your gold. Our gold buyers Fullerton office is guaranteed to offer you the best price for your gold. Our gold buyers Fullerton office prides itself on being the best gold buyer in Fullerton. When trying to get rid of your scrap gold, simply call our gold buyers Fullerton office and we’ll help!
When searching online for a Fullerton gold buyer such as online gold buyers, jewelry stores and pawn shops. An important point to note is that pawn shops will usually offer you the lowest price for your gold items and jewelry stores will offer the best price.
Whether you have broken gold, rings, watches, unwanted gold, or mismatched gold pieces, our gold buyers will pay top dollar. Now is the time to capitalize on the increasing price of gold. By gathering your broken, unwanted gold items you can get cash for gold jewelry in Fullerton. Thank you for visiting our site cash for gold Fullerton.

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