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Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold –
Sell Gold in La Puente, CA

Dan Goldman's Cash for Gold

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold buys and sells Gold in any condition or variety. If you are looking to sell Gold in La Puente, CA  we ask you to check the market for Gold prices before you come to us. You will be surprised how high Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold prices are compared to our competitors. Sell your gold to us and you have the liberty to choose the best cash offered for your gold. In the end, rest assured that you will be receiving the highest cash for your gold from us. It’s more convenient than ever to sell unwanted gold, silver, platinum and diamonds near La Puente, CA.

Top Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond Buyers in La Puente, CA 91744

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold provides our clients incredible service. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold = excellence in the Gold trade industry in La Puente and Southern California. Gold buyer in La Puente, CA offering the most cash for your gold. The whole process is always done in front of you, from start to finish so we guarantee that you will get the most cash.

Cash for Gold and Pawn in La Puente, CA 91745

There are several places that offer cash for Gold in La Puente, CA but when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will find out that you will get the most cash for your gold in Long Beach. We constantly update our buying prices to keep up with the dynamic pricing of gold in the market and when you deal with Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold you will get the most cash for gold! You come in to our store with gold, you get out with the most cash. Dan Goldman’s Cash for Goldis a trusted gold buyer.

Gold Dealer In La Puente, CA 91746

We are Gold Coins and Silver Coins Dealer in La Puente, Ca. Gold coins, Silver coins, platinum coins of any kind like US Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, Krugerrands, Pandas and US Platinum Eagles, to name a few are the ones that you can get the best deal when you decide to sell them to us.



No person wants to part with their treasured valuables including jewelry, but sometimes it can’t be helped but to resort in selling your jewelry in order to stay afloat during these trying times. No amount of money can measure sentimental value of any jewelry. When you come to Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold 91748, rest assure that we will treat you with great respect, professionalism and personal touch experienced by our countless satisfied clients. Fine jewelry or quality estate jewelry, no other jewelry buyers in La Puente understands the value of one person’s jewelry more than Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold 91749. Sell your Jewelry to the Best Gold Buyer and Jewelry Buyer in La Puente.

Would you like to earn CASH instantly?
Do you have any gold jewelry or silver to sell?
At Dan Goldman’s CASH for GOLD we make it our mission to buy your gold and silver jewelry and precious metals at the highest prices!

Turn your gold to cash instantly and easily.

Dan Goldman’s CASH for GOLD is located in Lakewood and City of Pico Rivera and we buy gold and scrap precious metals from customers looking to make cash from gold, silver and platinum.

Because we are a refinery we are able to buy your gold at a higher price per ounce than any other gold company!
With over 20 years of industry experience, our family-owned and operated gold buying company, highly values customer Service, honesty and integrity to our customers.

We know that selling gold can be confusing, especially when every block has a sign that says, Cash 4 Gold, but we are here to make the process of selling your gold smoother and more profitable.

Please take some time to look at our website and see more about who we are and what we buy. “

As premier buyers of gold, silver and platinum scrap metals, Dan Goldman’s CASH for GOLD our mission is to make sure you get the most cash out of your gold as possible.

If you are in Southern California area, you can come by our stores and assay your gold with a state-of-the-art x-ray machine, so we can determine the exact weight and carat of your gold.

This allows us to give you the most accurate amount of cash for your gold, silver and platinum and gives you an understanding of what you are selling.
We also welcome customers selling unwanted or broken jewelry for cash from other areas around the country.

phone-icon-black 1-866-337-8950   

•    8K, 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 22K, and 24K Gold
•    Scrap/damaged jewelry, broken chains, and items with missing stones
•    Matched or unmatched gold, silver or platinum earrings
•    Fine and Estate Jewelry
•    Silver, gold, and platinum watches
•    Gold grills and gold teeth
•    Pre-1965 U.S. mint dollars, halves, quarters, dimes
•    Sterling silver flatware
•    Sterling silver plates, bowls, and others dishes
•    Weighted sterling silver salt & pepper shakers, candlestick holders, bowls, cups, and serving utensils
•    Gold coins and Gold bullions
•    Silver coins and Silver bullions
•    Sterling silver cigarette cases and boxes
•    Scrap dental gold
•    Sterling Silver Jewelry, .925, .950
•    Platinum jewelry
•    Gold statues
•    Platium-950 or PLAT
•    Silver, gold, and platinum brooches and pins
•    Sterling silver, gold, and platinum necklaces and bracelets
•    Gold wedding bands, class rings, cluster rings, cocktail rings, and engagement rings
•    Anything that you want us to check to determine its precious metal content and payout.

La Puente, CA Cash for Gold Buyer Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold makes it really easy to buy and sell gold in La Puente, CA.

Simply visit one of our secure locations. We buy gold & pay more than pawn shops.
We buy gold in La Puente, CA With thousands customers served, Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold is the premier cash for gold company in La Puente, CA.

The Better Business Bureau has awarded Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold with an A rating due to superior customer service and an excellent track record in selling gold and jewelry to La Puente, CA, the country.

Dan Goldman’s Cash for Gold makes it easy to buy and sell gold in La Puente, CA, sell gold coins, sell gold jewelry La Puente, CA , or trade your cash for gold!

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501 Glendora Ave La Puente, California  91744



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Cash for Gold 91749

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